Jay Vigil at Oakwood Homes in Banning Lewis ranch just announced his latest inventory list. Please see his comments below. Let us know if you would like a copy of the latest inventory.

As your Oakwood Homes Realtor in Colorado Springs we will also give you an additional $1,500 that you can use toward upgrades, but you have to call us first. Call Art and Debbie DeBrito at 719-339-9671 to learn more.

Jay writes:

We have heard a lot of stories of the bidding wars and unavailability on homes in the market here in Colorado Springs.  We have several homes under $300k that will be ready as early as June. If you have a buyer that is particular about the Pikes Peak view, we have a 3 bedroom with a loft on the top floor with a spectacular view. Your buyers also have the choice to build with the starting base price of $232K. If you have buyers that are in need please contact us as soon as possible because as you know at this price point they don’t last long.